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Acoustic & designer fabrics


We offer a wide collection of fabrics to be used for designing home cinema rooms.

Choose between technical fabrics, designer fabrics or our special wide fabrics of up to 5m in width.

We can also print any image onto the fabric.


Place speakers behind our fabrics for perfect integration, while not reducing the sound quality.

Some of our fabrics are room high (3m), this allows you to install the fabric across a wall from top to bottom.

A quick and easy install, making a room look stunning and unique.

Wall stretch profiles


Our profiles allow for an easy installation, beautiful design and endless possibilities in acoustic treatment of any room. In combination with our acoustic foam, this system offer great acoustics in any application.


The profiles (2m in length) can be used on ceiling or wall.


profile P-CC1P (made of ABS): 28mm high, allows for acoustic material to be placed behind without creating a wooden frame in front of wall of ceiling. When placed next to one another, one creates a small bevel edge. Available in white.


profile P-CC (made of PVC): only 11mm high, minimum depth used, perfect for front wall, around projector screen. Available in black , cream and white.


Both profiles can be stapled or screwed to wall.

Acoustic melamine foam


Our acoustic foam with open-cell surface guarantees that sound waves are not reflected as an echo but can penetrate the cell structure unhindered. The sound energy is reduced in the cell structure, giving it an excellent sound absorption capacity.

Standard depth is 25mm, areas of 1250 x 2500mm, available with adhesive for easy installation.

Design services